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House . Urban Dance . Electronic

London, England



CANT BREATHE RECORDS is formerly an independent record label based in London, England that releases various styles of electronic music (urban club/dance music).


It was founded in 2017 by 3 members within the UK music industry with years of experience in music production, DJing, radio presenting, scouting, artist management and branding. The 3 founders invested their own time and money into the brand to present what they initially visualized when deciding to pursue the label. It was intended initially as an outlet for musicians who were super talented and close friends, that we believe deserve a chance in exposing their talents.


The label will be releasing mostly singles, their first release is a track called ‘Dirty Girl’ by ‘Cant Breathe’ which also includes 2 bonus tracks ‘Love Life’ and ‘Make Me Choke’. Their music spans from different influences within the party scene (underground & commercial), fashion industry and luxury lifestyle providing a blend of house grooves with seductive vocals and catchy bass lines.


When deciding on the name ‘Cant Breathe’ we felt this best described us as we are very popular guys and sometimes feel we cant breathe due to all the crazy lifestyles we live. We love discovering new and exceptionally talented people, so if you feel a connection with our movement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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